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How to survive a broken heart

Online, there are tons of prospects—but the sheer quantity came with its own problems. We fall easily, and we become disappointed easily. There are certainly some people who are going through this. So, read this and let you understand how you can help alleviate the pain of a broken heart when stumbling around in the dating wilderness.

1. Feel good about yourself
Remind yourself there are a lot of opportunities on the Internet dating scene. Finding and maintaining a successful relationship often takes a little luck, more than a little patience. If you feel good about yourself, there are tomorrows for you.

2. Think clear if the ex is good for you
You are most likely feeling blue when you met someone who was mostly good to you, but later on discovered that he or she is not. Think twice about how he or she feels towards you. If it is not something you expected, you are better off without a relationship.

3. Stay busy with other stuff
Internet is not only about online dating. Online dating is not only happening in one site but not others. There are unlimited possibilities. So, stay busy with other stuff and don’t dwell on what has happened. If you have time on your hands treat yourself to something you enjoy such as a movie, a trip to the museum or a fishing expedition.

4. Moved on
Sometimes it is bad to stay busy with other stuff. It hugely depends on what other stuff you mean. It can be harmful to stay busy with substance. And it is not good for us to stay busy with work too. Remember, just move on and to be good to yourself. It is not necessary to punish yourself if you think you have failed.

5. Spend time with positive people
It is important to realize that sometimes the blue mood is created by ourselves. And when you spend time with positive people, you can be influenced and saved out of the blue. So, surround yourself with those who appreciate and love you.

6. Give yourself time
Time is the greatest factor to survive a broken heart. Time heals all wounds and you have to give yourself time to heal. During this time, you may first calm down and do nothing you’re your relationship. Then, if seek help and advise to survive a broken heart to go through this difficult stage in your relationship and save your future relationship. Remember that breaking up is a part of a relationship and happiness will happen again. It usually means something went wrong with the relationship that you need to restore. It takes time.

7. Be focused and stay motivated
We can get frustrating at times. You may write down your dating goals so that’s why you make the resolution. Sometimes, why we got a broken heart is because it is too easy to find a date online. So, if you want to survive at the later stage, the most successful resolutions is taking baby steps. That means to give yourself time and don’t do everything from the get-go. Stay focused and motivated.


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How to say Goodbye

Anyone who has been on the Internet dating scene knows that it is not that easy to find someone suitable, and it is even hard to say goodbye to the unsuitable ones. If we don’t know how to handle it properly, we may end up using bad date escape tactics, which can be harmful to you. Not sure how to do? Not a bad idea to read some tips for your own reference.

1. End it right away
On the first time you go on a date, and you are clear that the evening is going to be impossible. There is not going to be any connection. Well, then say – end it. But you should have the courage to be kind and honest. It is better than lie or fake an emergency text message. This can be said right away if you think that he or she is ready to accept such ‘nice’ word.

2. Stay put
If he is a nice guy or she is a nice girl but there are no sparks, maybe stay as friends but not romantically. Who knows? Or maybe he or she is a perfect partner for someone else you know.

3. Stick it out
If you are so afraid of hurting someone, what you should do perhaps is to make sure that your companion has a good time as possible on the first date. Maybe you both think that there is no chance for further connection. You should keep in mind that both of you can still be as friends. Or you will run into each other again and it may be a life-changing surprise too.

4. Put it in writing
Too hard to say goodbye on the first date? Why don’t you put it in your writing? Send him or her a message about how you feel, or when you both are online, transfer your thoughts to the message lines. It may be more comfortable for both of you to accept facts there. It is a little better than saying it bluntly.

5. Use a telephone
Some people consider texts are a terrible way to convey messages with negative intention. So, exercise your own judgment, do it at least by telephone if you are too afraid of the face-to-face sharing. It would be rude to cancel a plan or to send a text message.

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Ready for the rendezvous?

You mastered the art of flirting online and you think that both of you got the chemistry. You’ve been talking to him or her for some time now – you’ve probably known each other very well and vice versa. So, you will wonder, ‘are we ready to meet?’ Here are some things you might want to consider before making your decision.

Know what you are here in the online dating world
There are so many dating sites and it is too easy to find a friend, but not everyone share the same thoughts as you do. When we use the dating sites, we can easily forget our own purposes when using these sites. Some of them are looking for friends while some of them are looking for long-term relationships. You don’t need to stick to your own principle when meeting each other. Just remember it, don’t forget it.

Measure the mutual feelings in between
In the case of determining whether you are ready to meet or not, you should better measure the mutual feelings developed between each other. Do you know well about your own feeling? What about her own feeling? Does he or she express to be ready to meet you too? You had better think twice and consider these things carefully, before making any decision.

Making the decision
Making a decision can be difficult as you are afraid of the unsuitability, which may ultimately lead to a waste of time and hurtful feeling. So it can be intimidating too! So, be prepared, and always consider that your potential date can be a totally different person, eventually, it leads to a total disaster! Once you made the decision, make no regret and go for it.

Relax, it is just a meeting
As long as you know what you are doing, then you should take things less seriously. Relax, it is just a meeting, and what you prepare is just to ensure that you are more alert about this world called online dating. Meeting does not constitute any sort of commitment at all, if things don’t work out, both are prepared to meet someone new later on. No harm can be done from meeting someone who is not likeminded.

Be confident, and punctual
Although it is just a decision to meet someone new, you still need to treat the meeting of importance. It is the basic respect. Gear up, dress well, and prepare yourself well in order to make you feel confident. Last but not least, please be clear about where and what time you meet. It would be the biggest turn-off if you violate these basic meeting rules. Good luck!

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Biggest turn-on in the online dating world

Online daters perhaps are a bit different from meeting someone face-to-face, because you only look at how a guy or girl looks, and you can only read his or her profile. So, if you really want to know how to increase your chance of success, we do tell you the biggest turn-on for online daters. Here are some tips.

1. Good Smile
A smile never turns away people. Post your photo with a smile on the profile. A good smile means a funny sense of humor and witty charm. We do like people who smile and laugh a lot. A lovely warm and relaxed smile makes your day.

2. Show your intelligence
Definitely intelligence can be the biggest turn on for both men and women. If you read a piece which stands out from thousands of profiles, it definitely adds more charms and everybody loves it. Fill your profile with lines that are so unique and only be written by you, instead of saying you are “funny”, “down-to-earth”.

3. Keep your facts straight
Nobody wants to play mind games. The most common way to deal with everything is to keep facts straight. Nobody thinks that it is wrong to tell truth, and no one would love to sacrifice ourselves by telling lies.

4. Sex appeal is important
Writing a fun and specific lines with some sex appeal is interesting. But be careful, don’t write it cheaply or you may draw attentions from unexpected people. Add photo which can show your unique features, be it your dark skin color or read head. Your features in certain extent are something specific about you.

5. Be supportive
Sure you want your partner to be a good friend who can help you straighten out your problems. We want to attract the kind of people who will be interested in you as a person, not just as a sex object. So, try to be supportive and find someone who is supportive too. It is a great way to start a lasting relationship.

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Biggest turn-off in the online dating world

If online dating is a drug, then perhaps some people will never get out of it and are still addicted to it. In the world of online dating, there are certain actions you shouldn’t apply and they are unspoken. These actions can be unpleasant to other people and they won’t do you any good at all. So, you should understand these actions and try to avoid them in the future.

1. Staying online whenever wherever
Spend an hour a day looking for dates online sounds reasonable. There are many sites showing your online status, and it is easy for other interested members to view your online status. If you’ve already shown interest to a new friend you both think are matched, please, adjust the time you spend in the online dating world. Or if you have seen someone who is always in the online status mode, you better start exercise your caution and know more about how he or she thinks.

2. Say something bad about your ex
Sharing your horror stories about the past is never a pleasant way to draw new attentions from others. Very often, singles are very eager to go on a date or to find someone new in order to fill the emptiness inside the body and soul. Or perhaps many of them get caught in that downward spiral of having a couple of bad dates. But please, it is too negative. Sharing bad experiences is never a good idea in the first place. You may save it to share them later on.

3. Immaturity
It can come to one of the biggest turn-offs for someone who is more serious about making friends. Nobody would love to put up with someone who is immature. Signs of immaturity include being self-centered, impatient, never listen to others, etc. Do you have these signs of immaturity? Better self-acknowledge them today.

4. The picture doesn’t sound right
A picture can say thousand words. No one would love to see a picture which does not sound appealing. Try to show the best image of yourself. If you have already uploaded one, think twice, and see if they are fine to you or not.

5. Poor communication skills
We first know a person on the dating site by reading words at the profile. If the words are beautifully written up, nice. But we can’t stand to spend more time to interpret some unintelligible writing. Poor communication skills are fatal in the online dating world. So, fine tune it a bit more and understand more about the effective communication skills.

6. No target audience
Why there are so many people burned out in the online dating world? It is largely due to the fact that they set no target audience in their written profile. To avoid problems arising from knowing “too many” daters, you are advised to set your target audience. Make it clear and state who you want to meet.

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